Your First Steps Into Mindful Sexuality

Sexual energy is life energy. It holds all of the power you need to create and have a truly enriching and fulfilling life in EVERY area.

Largely inspired by Sexological Bodywork we will teach you that your own body is the source of sensuality, pleasure and ecstasy.
Only in a conscious body you feel comfortable and are able to fully embrace your emotions and feelings.

The most important thing is to be grounded first. The best way to be grounded is to be present in your body.
Only when you are really connected with the fields of energy coming from the earth, then you can fly high and reach the Universe!

Join us for a special 5-day retreat experience

You are welcome to join as a couple or as an individual. For paired exercises you may have the opportunity to experience with both genders and learn how the energy flows with different partners.

Back home you can integrate what you've learned immediately in your life and love making and finally find happiness through pleasure.

What you will take away from this class:

*It is crucial for us to create a safe environment in which we act with consent. Boundaries are respected, meaning a 'no' is clearly a 'no'.
The workshop will include genital touch but no intercourse.


Wednesday,  June 17th 2020 at 18h

through Sunday, June 21st, 2020 at 17h


The retreat is in the beautiful ambience and safe environment of a private retreat center in Spain, located between Barcelona and Tarragona

Your trainers: Christian Gouttenoire and Klana

The workshop will be held in English. 

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